Digital Marketing Services

You want your brand to be known, liked, respected, remembered and sought after.

We want that for you too.


That’s why Ci2i Services delivers multi-channel marketing solutions that help you to build trust, increase sales, grow brand awareness, tell your story, and attract customers. Imagine having a partner who understands the essence of your organization, as well as how to communicate your defining qualities in ways that help you achieve your primary goals.

Your story is unique, and when it’s shared effectively you will build trust, increase sales, grow brand awareness, and attract customers.  Campaigns fusing your story with your goals will powerfully impact your reach, conversion, and revenue. Even better, you’re covered from top to bottom from Ci2i Services with marketing programs that help you identify your target audience, develop effective messaging to reach them, and plan where and how you should market based on well researched business intelligence.


Building Brands Since 2003

Strategically plan and grow your online company presence to effectively reach your goals today:

  • Multiplying sales & maximizing ROI
  • Increasing brand awareness and reputation
  • Driving traffic
  • Building customer and partner relationships
  • Managing your communities
  • Growing customer loyalty
  • Understanding and uncovering competitive advantages
  • Delivering excellent customer service to your community


Let us help you with effective:


  • Social Media Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Product Marketing
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Professional Messaging
  • Campaign Measurement
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Optimized Messaging and Content Development