Ci2i offers a tremendous variety of services that can provide real-time monitoring with little-to-no interruption or down time over mobile networks or traditional fixed IP based networks already in place (or better yet – a combination of both!). Instead of your company sending personnel to sporadically visit a remote site to check the conditions of an asset, refuel gas tanks or tracking your fleet, M2M communications give greater visibility into your assets.  This drives cost down, increase profits and even helps the environment by keeping fleet vehicles off the road.

The beautiful aspect about Ci2i M2M services is that your deployment is specific to your needs. Ci2i brings off-the-shelf or custom solutions to our customer utilizing Tier-1 mobile carriers’ networks worldwide.  Ci2i has the ability and expertise to evaluate every level of the ecosystem, identify the issue, and work with our customers to find a solution. These guiding principles are what distinguishes a good solution from world class. These are the principles that Ci2i bring to every engagement – that’s our promise to each and every customer.


Monitor, Manage, and Optimize Your Assets

Ci2i maintains a pool of qualified candidates which are continually sourced by a variety of methods which may include print, radio, television and internet ads.  Our highly-trained staff also perform specialized internet searches and continually network with professionals in the targeted skills groups to build a solid base of qualified candidates.  Candidates that are identified as a solid match are put through our comprehensive interview process.  Only the best are selected and placed on a “hotlist” for current/future openings.  These pre qualification efforts enable Ci2i to provide our clients with superior candidates, a high level of screening and detailed references in the shortest timeframe possible.

Ci2i also uses its internal database of resumes in addition to web-based databases that are known nationwide to job seekers as the leading job boards for Information Technology, Technical Professionals, and Engineering industries.

In the area of job education, our recruiting philosophy revolves around educating each candidate on the requirements of the job and the client.  This is done to ensure that the candidate is prepared for the position and the work environment.  Ci2i understands that preparation for the client’s workplace environment is a key component to the successful placement of candidates as companies and departments have unique work environments and management styles.  As such, Ci2i prepares each individual regarding the client’s work environment so that they are ready to perform on day one.