So you want to find a job?

So you want to find a Job- Follow this mantra: Any job worth having is worth the effort to research and customize your application!

1. Update your Resume: You’ve heard this before I’m sure- but what exactly should you do? Keeping in mind, the top 3 positions that would be a good fit for you – Please remove redundant experience- and add relevant experience. It is okay to have different versions of your resume if you are widening your search and going into slightly different industries.

2. Explain gap in employment : If you have not worked in 6 months or have other large gaps- do say what you were doing- if you were a stay at home mom- for example- in a few lines- talk about your volunteer experience or whatever you were doing- and what skills you developed during that time.

3. Customized Cover Letter: Every job worth having deserves an exact cover letter detailing what you have done in the past to justify your application – and how to intend to succeed at the advertised job.

4. Post Resume on Job Sites – often: If you target certain companies- research job sites to see where that company posts its jobs the most – and post your resume there. To be seen in the most searches by recruiters- use the terminology you see in the job posts by that company. Also log in to your account at least once a week on all major job boards. Candidates who login often show as ‘active candidates’ and recruiters are likely to call you before they call ‘passive candidates’.

5. Social Networking: To actually achieve some results – there are some things you must do. First of all be open to receiving messages- make your profile discoverable.

6. Post a professional picture on your professional network. Post samples or presentations or other work you are proud of (and that your previous employer has given permission to share publicly!)

7. Everyone on LinkedIn can join 50 groups- join the biggest relevant groups- yes- join all 50 relevant groups in different categories. Recruiters are likely to be able to send you a message if they have something in common with you. Recruiters search LinkedIn for candidates and they are more likely to discover you if you are a 2nd degree connection.

8. Active Networking: You should know all the recruiters in the companies you are targeting. Recruiters usually list their specialties (technical, non-technical etc.). Research and find the ones relevant to your job search and send them your resume and cover letters- in addition to applying for the job online at the job board. Be targeted and deliberate in your research.

9. Ask your co-workers, Managers, customers and Teachers/mentors for a recommendation on LinkedIn. It does help.

10. Take deep breaths. Have faith- keep up the hard work. Send at least 10 targeted resumes everyday – but more importantly- don’t waste your time just blasting generic resumes.- target, customize, prioritize and results will follow.

Remember every job worth having is worth the effort to research and customize your cover letter and resume.

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